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3d animations are the most difficult to create and of course, to find for free on the internet. Free 3d animations are much more rare than the common 2d animation, probably because they require more work, more expertise and more complex image rendering programs.

Some of the most popular 3D image rendering programs are:

Blender is a free program that you can download from Blender.org. There are many other free programs that you can download and try out at Sourceforge.net - a great place to find free programs and open source applicaitons that you can use without breaking the bank.

With open source (free) programs such as blender, you can create astonishingly good animations such as the brilliant film, Elephant's Dream, which was entirely created using open source applications including Blender. If you have not seen this film, it is highly recommended that you view it - you will be amazed at what can be done using free animation software.


If you have not yet seen the very short film, Elephant's Dream, watch it below and see what can be done with "Blender" and other free 3d software.

Here are some very simple sample 3D animations.

Animation Factory Animation Factory

And here are links to sites with 3D animations.

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