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Animated GIFs are animations which can be used in Powerpoint presentations or webpages. It is simply an animated image.

You can create animated GIFs using Macromedia Flash and exporting your animation as a .gif or by using more proffesional programs, used to create gif animations, such as Ulead gif animator. You can use a free program, Animated GIF Editor 95 to assemble images you created, making a simple GIF animation.

GIF animations are used to make website banners to catch someone's attention, as avatars or signatures for web forums or just to spice up your webpage.

Here's an example of a simple animated GIF.

GIF animations are widely used and can very often be found on the internet.

Sources of animated gifs.

Animation Factory Animation Factory - Over 500,000 Animated clipart and 3D illustrations , PowerPoint templates, Video Backgrounds and Sound Effects.
Animated gifs Animated-gifs.eu - Over 75,000 Gif images, more thn 500 cellphone wallpapers and screensavers
Gif.com Gif.com - Over 17,000 clipart and gif images.
gifs.net Gifs.net - More than 15,000 Animations and animated gifs.
Gif Animations Gif Animations - Lots of free Animations.
Gif mania Gifmania - Animated Gifs of cartoons and movies.
Free gif animations - Gifs, animations, clipart and more.
Sevenoaks art - Free 3D animated gifs , a collection of many animations for websites, PowerPoint presentations and many other uses.



Powerpoint Animations

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