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Flash Animations

Flash animations are animations made in Macromedia Flash. Flash animations are very common and can be used in a powerpoint presentation.

Copy your SWF file to the same folder as your saved blank or existing presentation. In PowerPoint, navigate to the slide where you want to insert your Flash SWF movie .

1. Open the Control toolbox(if it isn't open already) by clicking on View->Toolbars->Control Toolbox.

2. Click on More Options, the icon on the bottom right. This will open a drop down menu. Select Shockwave Flash Object. The Shockwave Flash control must be installed on your computer otherwise the Shockwave Flash Object will not be listed in the Control Toolbox.

3. Draw a rectangle, don't worry about the size now. We'll take care of that later.

4. Right click the inerted Shockwave Flash Object and then on properties in the drop-down menu.

5. Change the EmbedMovie property from False to True.

6. Change the Movie property to the path of your file. If your file is in Program Files on disc C, and is called abc.swf then type C:\Program Files\abc.swf

7. You can change the width and height of the video by changing the height and width property values.

To view the flash animation you need to start the presentation.



Powerpoint Animations

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