Powerpoint Animation


PowerPoint Animation

There are a number of ways to animate your PowerPoint Show, from moving objects such as arrows that extend and move about the page, to "transition effects" which display when you change from one slide to the next, or "transition".

Be Sure To Save Your Animated Presentation as a PPS...

You must save your PowerPoint Presentation as a "SHOW" (PowerPoint Show) or PPS file, otherwise transitions and animations done in Powerpoint will not work.

Hyperlinks also work better when you save your PowerPoint document as a show (.pps).

Power Point show animation
The drop-down menu in the "Save" dialog, lets you choose to save your presentation as a powerpoint show. This will ensure that all of your transitoins and PowerPoint animations will work properly.

Types of animations you can add to your PowerPoint Show:

  1. Animated transitions - When you go from one slide to the next, there are a number of effects you can use, known as "transitions". Some of them include:
    • Fade in / Fade out
    • Blinds
    • Slide in
    • Expanding square
  2. Animated Page elements - These are moving images or expanding images on the page. You can use the animation feature inside of PowerPoint to animate these images.
  3. Animated GIFs - these are simple GIF animations that you can find at free sites on the Internet, or make yourself using animated GIF programs. We have listed and linked a number of free and paid programs for creating animated GIFs.
  4. Flash Animations - You can create Flash animations using Adobe (Macromedia) Flash and embed them in your PowerPoint Presentation. There are some free programs which use screen capture that you can use to create Flash demos.
  5. Video - You can embed videos in your presentation.


Here is a short demonstration presentation of some transitions and some animations done only with the tools in Powerpoint:

PowerPoint Animaton Demo Presentation.

Click here to download a demonstration of all powerpoint animations!

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Powerpoint Animations

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